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Empire Durag

LQQKS Multi-Comb Collection 3 Combs

LQQKS Multi-Comb Collection 3 Combs

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LQQKS is has become an ever-growing household name in the comb market today. The brand aims at offering new Design Combs and brushes to match the market needs and setting new trends by including entirely new designs. Designs each year to maintain pace with the ever-growing customer's demands. The kit contains: 3 pcs get the best of LQQKS multi-professional and Styling Combs in an exclusive stylist’s kit.

The kit includes 3 Combs that cover all the styling and requirements of a beginner as well as a top stylist. Moreover, the combs are seamless, which means they have smoothened and rounded tips that massage the scalp and stimulate the natural oils. The teeth of the combs are also smoothened to prevent scraping of the hair cuticles while styling wet hair. 

  • Multi-Comb Collection
  • 100% Hand-Crafted combs.
  • Long-lasting combs
  • Suitable for all kinds of hair.
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