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Empire Durag

Custom Durag 03

Custom Durag 03

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This Classic Silky Durag lays hair down for maximum wave building. Long Tail and Ties allow for a secure, comfortable fit. Great for use with waves, braids. Keeps styles laid and intact overnight. WavEnforcer. Confident.Strong.Smooth.

Our Custom Durga 03 is an extra-large do-rag in size and length. Locks in moisture for overnight maintenance and healthy Hair Growth or retention. Features include an extra-large band to keep edges-ups neat and intact.


  • Comfortable, Light
  • Breathable, Silky, Stylish
  • Keeps styles laid and intact overnight
  • Great for use with waves, braids, and locks.

How to use:

  • STEP 1. Place the Durga on your head evenly.
  • STEP 2. Take one tie in each hand. Wrap the ties behind your head, crossing behind the head, and bring them to the front.
  • STEP 3. Cross the ties in front of your head. Make sure the ties lay flat on the front.
  • STEP 4. Tie a knot behind the head.
  • STEP 5. Pull down the back flap or fold up the flap if desired.
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