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Vero TempAssure 17T 1-Handle Shower Faucet Trim Kit in Chrome (Valve Not Included)

Vero TempAssure 17T 1-Handle Shower Faucet Trim Kit in Chrome (Valve Not Included)

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Delta thermostatic valves use TempAssure Technology to protect you and your family from sudden temperature changes. With separate handles for volume and temperature control, this Delta tub/shower provides a more refined showering experience. Simply set the water at your preferred temperature and turn the shower on or off with the volume control handle - without interrupting your set temperature. While other products may gather unsightly mineral build-up over time, Delta soft rubber Touch-Clean spray holes allow any mineral residue to simply be wiped away for an instantly refreshed look - with no need for soaking or the aid of chemical cleaners.

TempAssure thermostatic valve keeps water temperature within a safe 3¡«F (1.6¡«C), helping to protect you from sudden changes in hot or cold water pressure
Spray settings include: Full Body spray
Full body spray provides a steady, full-coverage spray perfect for every shower need, from rinsing shampoo from hair to relaxing tired muscles
Soft, rubber Touch-Clean spray holes allow you to easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up from the spray face of your shower head and hand shower with the touch of a finger
Trim kit only, must order MultiChoice Universal Valve separately to complete the unit
ADA Compliant

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