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Empire Durag

LQQKS Palm Brush Soft

LQQKS Palm Brush Soft

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The LQQKS Palm Brush with natural Reinforced Boar Bristle. Excellent for beards also. Reinforced Boar Bristles conditions hair, promotes hair growth, adds shine, cleans hair, prevents hair breakage and frizz, balances your scalp’s oil production and softens hair. All-natural wooden handle for a better feel and grip with durability to last.

The LQQKS Palm Brush Soft reinforced boar bristle palm brush is movable and light allowing you to train and lay your hair on the go and allowing you to stay on top of your wave game anytime, everywhere. Natural Wooden Handle for a smooth grip.

  • LQQKS Soft palm brush
  • 100% Reinforced boar bristles
  • Long-lasting and easily washable
  • Light natural wooden handle
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