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Empire Durag

Gorilla Snot Gel Punk

Gorilla Snot Gel Punk

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The Moco De Gorilla Punk Gel is very effective and easy to use that helps you stay beautiful all day. The gorilla punk gel bottle comes in a durable jar to help you achieve the goals and needs you are looking for. This is the ultimate gel to make your hair spiked up. This gel delivers maximum hold that will make your style last for hours until your next shampoo. The best part is that it leaves no residues.

This indestructible styling gel has an incredible scent and tops out at 10 on the hold meter. Gorilla Punk is one of the best gels for combing the hair of children and adults. This hair gel helps keep you styled and ready for the next challenge with a style that more closely resembles who you really are. Gorilla moco combines All-Natural Ingredients so you can transform your hair into the style you've always wanted.

  • 10 out of 10 Hold
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Long-Lasting Hold
  • Peach, pineapple leaves, black tea, caramel, amber and honey.
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