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Empire Durag

Gorilla Snot Gel

Gorilla Snot Gel

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Moco De Gorilla Rocker Hair Gel helps you be the master of parties and always looking good maintaining your hairstyle throughout the day. The explosive rocker hairstyling gel makes it snot hard to be cool. With this hairstyling gel, you’d be able to be the rocker of the party. Creating melodies, and rocking instinct on the dance floor. Gorilla Snot Gel blends all-natural ingredients to allow you to transform your hair into any rocker style.

Moco De Gorilla Snot Rocker Hair Gel can be easily reactivated with water and re-establish maximum fixation to style your hair and be the goat all day long. This Explosive Hairstyling Gel has an amazing peach, sweet cherry, and tangerine scent and reaches a level of 9 on the hold meter. Moco de gorilla rockers squizz bottle is the best hair styling gel for both kids & adults.

  • 9 out of 10 Hold
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Long-Lasting Hold
  • Peach & Sweet Cherry Scent
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