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Emerge Angular Modern 18 in. Column Shower Bar in Lumicoat Black Stainless

Emerge Angular Modern 18 in. Column Shower Bar in Lumicoat Black Stainless

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The Emerge Shower Column transforms your shower without altering the plumbing behind your shower wall. Inspired by modern European styles, the bold profile and impactful design exude an upscale motif while the customizability of the hand shower and overhead shower head combo revitalizes your showering experience. The Emerge Shower Column works with any overhead shower head with no need to run plumbing through the ceiling. An integrated, 3-way diverter allows use of the overhead shower and the hand shower together or separately.

Lumicoat finishes easily wipe clean and are guaranteed to resist mineral buildup and hard water stains on the product's most commonly touched areas
Designed for use with shower head and hand shower (both sold separately)
Can be customized with any shower head and hand shower
3-way diverter allows for single or shared operation of the shower head and hand shower
No need to alter plumbing behind the wall
Consolidated installation footprint
Retrofit exposed pipe shower
No need for an additional supply elbow with the integrated hose supply
15 in. overhead shower arm
Adjustable hand shower mount allows the user to move the hand shower up and down the shower column
Includes 60 in. - 82 in. stretchable metal hose
Lifetime limited warranty

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