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Empire Durag

Custom Durag 9

Custom Durag 9

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Our Man's Custom Durga has always been a traditional autumn fashion fabric, its luxurious temperament, and rich texture to create a magical fashion. Headscarf Durags great for use with waves, braids. Keeps styles laid and intact overnight.

This Classic Durag 12 lays hair down for maximum wave building. Features include an extra-large band to keep edges-ups neat and intact. Long Tail and Ties allow for a secure, comfortable fit. 


  • Elastic
  • Silky
  • Lycra Polyester
  • Very durable material
  • Does not damage the hair

How to use:

  • STEP 1. Place the Durga on your head evenly.
  • STEP 2. Take one tie in each hand. Wrap the ties behind your head, crossing behind the head, and bring them to the front.
  • STEP 3. Cross the ties in front of your head. Make sure the ties lay flat on the front.
  • STEP 4. Tie a knot behind the head.
  • STEP 5. Pull down the back flap or fold up the flap if desired.
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