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Smüth Bump Solution Lotion 6 oz

Smüth Bump Solution Lotion 6 oz

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Smuth Lotion acts effectively to minimize or eliminate ingrown har an reduces redness after waxing or following shaving. Smuth improves and/or correct acne (for both men and women). Men wil find it exceedingly useful for the face, neck and scalp. Women may use it on legs, bikini lines, under arms and in instances where shaving creates ingrown hair or razor bumps. Smuth lotion works very quickly - you will notice results within 24 hours.

Instructions : Applicable to both men and women. Apply Smuth to dry skin. Use before bed time and again in the morning after showering, shaving and drying. Allow product to dry on skin. Moisturiser and cologne can be applied over the product once it has dried.

Men who experience ingrown hair, razor bumps on neck, face and/or scalp should use Smuth twice daily as directed until you obtain desired results. Continue to use daily in order to maintain appearance of skin. Replace blades regularly, to avoid scraping of skin. Smuth can be used no matter the method of shaving, and will definitely help to reduce burning and itching.

Allergies : Do not use Smuth if you are allergic to aspirin. If this is your first time using Smuth, Apply a small amount to your skin to test reactons. Smuth has not yet been tested for use during pregnancy.

Ingredients : Denatured alcohol, water, propylen, glycol, salicylic acid and glycerin.

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