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Empire Durag

KTC 100% Pure Coconut Oil Premium Quality

KTC 100% Pure Coconut Oil Premium Quality

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KTC 100% Pure Coconut Oil used for hair, cooking, skin moisturiser, this 100% Pure Coconut Oil is a white semi-solid fat at room temperature which becomes clear on heating. It is cooking oil and also if applied to your hair, scalp & skin gives extra nourishment for problem-free healthy hair & skin. This product will freeze below a certain temperature, external or internal use.

This is Refined Coconut Oil, comes in a solid paste-like form and is to be used at room temperature that is when it is melted there are no other ingredients, additives or process aids in this oil.

  • Premium quality
  • 100% Pure Coconut
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Contains no hydrogenated fat
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